How we can walk off anger to make our mind stress less?

walking off anger ways

As humans, we possess a wide range of emotional reaction to various situations and our environment. Anger is one of these normal human emotions.

Everyone gets angry and simple incidents are considered healthy unless they escalate to the point where the individual becomes violent, hostile and out of control.

I wonder why people would tell someone who is upset to "walk it off", how does taking a walk help? It did not make sense to me. And while I still don't understand the science behind why taking a walk helps, I have realized that it does more than help with your physical fitness.

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Walking, for me,  was something I did to get places. It served the purpose of transporting me from one spot to another. I did not walk for physical fitness. Walking was not a relaxing experience.

It wasn't until recently that my attitude towards walking changed. It never fails to amaze me what a good walk can do for us. No matter what the problem is or how impossible it seems, things are always better after a long walk.

I am sure that brilliant scientist would tell us it is because we get the blood flowing to the brain and it rejuvenates our mind. Whatever!!

I just know that when I am depressed, sad, and especially angry walking always seems to help. I may start out walking just to get away from people, particularly the one, I am angry at.

My anger can be so great that I feel if I don't get away, I will explode, and usually, that is exactly what happens if I don't distance myself from the person that caused my anger, and the words uttered cannot be taken back.

happy mind after walking off anger

A walk would definitely help us to process our anger and we may realize how beautiful the world could be. Walking is as if counseling for our body. When we walk our body releases something like endorphins. Endorphins stop the pain from reaching our brain or something like stress blockers that also get rid of depression.

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More to that when we walk our body gets stressed and we get tired at night, so we may get a good sleep. Walking also helps us to keep our weight down, when we walk we are sure to burn calories, which help us to lose pounds.

Anger is an important emotion that has helped our species survive as long as it has. It is our early warning system that tells us when we need to defend ourselves or some else and prepares our bodies for a fight.

However, in our modern world's complex societies with modern social norms, anger can cause problems if not handled properly.

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Walking off the anger is not only good for our mind but also our body. There is no better way of getting rid of anger than by sweating it out.
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